This is what our visitors say.....

It would be awesome to have a place where those in recovery could go to socialize in a sober and supportive environment.

A much needed place in Charlottetown! It's a great spot for both younger people and older people. Check it out if you're around and looking to socialize with people in a "safe" drug free environment!

Laura... of course!! Had some nice quiet time with Laura AND by myself. Laura takes me into helping her with crafty stuff for a kid's program me out of myself.

This is a great place to be friends sharing and fun come visit.

It is a great atmosphere, where all walks of life can come together, talk , play pool. The most important thing is to get this group running 365 days out of the year if we’re gonna have any effect from it. Our youth are starting hard drugs at younger ages , and in my opinion something like safe gives youth a safe enviorment to get away from the peer pressured , or even just from the everyday stress of life at school or home. Thanks Laura. You are a wonderful person.

A lovely place to make new friends while relaxing over a coffee or learning a new board game or a game of pool . Very friendly environment .

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